The Greensboro Sports Council was formed in 1959 as a support group for the Greensboro Coliseum. Its primary purpose was and remains to provide hospitality, resources and community support for events held in the Coliseum.

Because of recent changes that have occurred in the areas of new arena construction and increased competition in the market place, it is felt that the following initiatives should be taken relative to the Greensboro Sports Council’s stated goals and objectives for the future.

  1. That the Greensboro Sports Council should continue to strive to be the “Official” sports hosts and advocates for the Greensboro Coliseum.

  2. That the Greensboro Sports Council should broaden and expand its traditional role to include sporting events throughout the City of Greensboro, the County of Guilford, and the State of North Carolina.

  3. That the Greensboro Sports Council shall have a close working relationship with the Greensboro Sports Commission.

  4. That the Greensboro Sports Council should initiate and cooperate in efforts to attract, recruit, and support new and existing sports events and facilities for the Greensboro area.

  5. And that the Greensboro Sports Council take every possible action to re-establish itself as the single most important and necessary bridge between the business and sports interests in the City of Greensboro.